Sep 05

God’s Work Our Hands

Join us on Sunday, September 13th.

God’s Work Our Hands (GWOH) Sunday will start September 13th. While September 13th is the Sunday set for GWOH, these are activities that can be done on an ongoing basis. The team has chosen 5 activities that can be done while social distancing.

Please fill out the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6C8BRWC. This will help us to know how many are participating, and to get you the information needed to participate in your chosen activity. The choices are:

Write letters to Living Stones: Your participation is always welcome! We invite you to write a short (about 100 words is great, but no more than 350 words, please) letter – a paragraph with just a few sentences is fine.  Maybe share a Bible verse that gives you hope in these days or tell where you have seen God in this time or write a prayer or reflect about a song you have heard the praise band sing. Poems and artwork are also appreciated. All contributions are welcome. You can sign your note with your first name or just put “brother/sister in Christ.” Feel free to write more than once – since we’re doing this on a weekly basis, lots of letters are needed!  Please email Sandi (LivingStonesAssistant@outlook.com) your letter(s) as you are able. Your gift will be deeply appreciated.

Make Masks: If you chose this option, you will make face masks in your home.

Yard Work: A team will be doing yard work at Rose’s house.

Housing Advocacy: Housing Advocacy is an activity that will be done from home.  Peninsula Poverty Response is a member of the Low Income Housing Alliance of Washington state which runs an effective housing advocacy program for its members. Cecelia Nunn Haack coordinates the housing advocacy efforts of PPR and has agreed to share the current housing advocacy opportunities with our team.  She’s doing this especially for our kick-off on God’s Work Our Hands Sunday, September 13, but is willing to feed us opportunities on an ongoing basis.  We’d like to form a team that is willing to advocate by responding to these opportunities as individual team members feel comfortable doing so.  

If you commit to participating on Sunday September 13, you are not necessarily making an ongoing commitment at this time.  You will receive links to sites which you can review to get the background information on the issue and advice on who to contact and how best to contact them. Often there is suggested wording included for your message.  These advocacy groups do their best to make the process painless for you.  The groups that PPR uses are vetted so as to not be partisan and to be focused on the issue of housing.

Writing letters: If you chose this option, you will be given the name of one or two people who could use a letter of encouragement during this time of isolation.

If you are looking for other ways to participate, check out the ELCA’s Service In the Time of COVID-19 Flyer for even more options.